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Crime is old as civilization. It attacks the very roots of  society.  Sooner or later each of us will likely  have a face to face encounter with an assailant. Our natural tendency will be to resist.  Should we? The old school of thought was to cooperate with the perpetrator, follow his orders and hope you are not ravished. This “may” be OK with a “simple robbery,” whatever that is.  After all, give the poor guy some money and he’ll be on his way. Ha ha. Not so simple Jack! Anyone who will force you to give up your possessions by threatening to hurt you is capable of  anything you can imagine – assault, rape, murder, kidnapping, and the list goes on.  Drug crimes, many involving juveniles, often turn violent and may engulf anyone in the proximity. A logical conclusion is the perpetrator will inflict some injury on you and he usually will have a weapon, probably a knife or gun.

The majority of us are proactive in matters concerning our property.  We lock doors, turn on lights, have a dog, alarms, etc. What about our personal security?  The difference is we are now face to face with the predator. He is a fire breathing . Check out this website www.safetytechspy.com for more details about personal safety . 

 Do we defend ourselves? Most certainly.  This is where some prior planning comes in handy.Research has shown  victim resistance is generally a wise course  of action.  Generally? Nothing is certain when you are facing a person with no qualms about harming you. Most likely the assailant will be a nervous amateur and not expecting you to to resist. Forcing  him to change is to your advantage. Do anything to upset his routine and cause him some pain. Gouge his eyes, a knee kick in the groin or stabbing with a fingernail file or anything else handy may be sufficient to distract him and give you enough time to get away to a safe location.  It would be a good idea to have  some type of weapon close at hand. A stun gun or pepper spray may be the ideal weapon to have.  You may not come out completely unscathed but you will be better off.

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